Industries: Automotive

Metal Stamping
Metal Stamping

Demmer Corporation provides a range of engineering and manufacturing services to automotive clients. The vertically integrated services of Demmer Corporation make it an ideal partner for projects of any scale, from prototyping to full-scale runs.

The Palmer Engineering Inc. production stamping facility is an affiliate of Demmer Corporation. This relationship allows the two companies to combine their wealth of automotive experience and manufacturing capability, providing a distinct competitive advantage to customers.

From the start of a program, Demmer can assist with a range of cost savings initiatives. Through Value-Added Engineering , Demmer partners with clients to reduce blank size, recommend materials of appropriate strength, reduce part weight, commonize parts, and improve assembly quality. Demmer Corporation also regularly provides technical assistance at the stamping die design stage to confirm that designs are production worthy.

From concept through program completion, Demmer Corporation strives to serve its clients as an active collaborator. Industry-leading program management and operational strategies help to ensure the delivery of quality automotive products and services.