Facilities: Oakland Campus

Oakland Campus

Oakland Campus

305,000 Square Feet (total)

Oakland Facility

150,000 Square Feet
705 East Oakland
Lansing, MI 48906

The Tooling and Development Center located at Demmer Corporation’s Oakland Facility is the technology headquarters for the all tooling and development programs within the Demmer Corporation. The Oakland Facility is fully AS9100 certified, providing the level of quality necessary to produce parts for the aerospace industry, and also ITAR compliant. The plant features a range of CMMs, high-speed 5-Axis / 5-Sided Machining, 100,000 square feet of climate-controlled floor space, Lean manufacturing strategies, and JIT delivery of material and consumable products to each workstation.

Porter Facility

75,000 Square Feet
720 Porter Street
Lansing, MI 48906

Demmer Corporation’s Porter Facility features 24/7 capacity. In addition to full production capabilities for precision stamped welded assemblies with very consistent accuracy, the Porter Facility also offers die spotting and tryout, as well as creative manufacturing solutions on hard-to-form materials and forming tools. All presses are equipped with newer accurate tonnage monitors for tight bottom position and pressure control. These presses perform extremely well with the tough geometry on hard-to-form aluminum stamping operations, as well as deep draw HSLA applications. Within the facility, Demmer Corporation supports full die repair and preventative maintenance program on all customer-owned tools, advanced engineering solutions, engineering support, prototype and development options, and new tool construction.

Demmer’s Porter Facility offers DWS certified production welding (including both projection and spot welding applications) and an on-site weld destruct testing lab. Demmer is equipped for robotic assembly applications, ultrasound inspection to control or prevent excessive metal thinning, surface grinding, radial drilling, and Class “A” metal finishing.

Ballard Facility

80,000 Square Feet
728 Porter Street
Lansing, MI 48906

Demmer Corporation’s Ballard Facility offers a range of metal finishing, quality assurance, and containment services. The Ballard Facility provides automatic dual-lane pass-through parts washers for small and large part sizes, three new aluminum batch ovens, an aluminum aging testing lab, OEM service part manufacturing and assembly, and full CMM capabilities with a gauge tracker database to ensure gauge and hand tool calibrations. The Ballard Facility has full capabilities for manual spot welding applications on full-body vehicle applications, and a large spot/projection welding chiller system. This facility also features a secure, fenced raw material containment area and easy access shipping docks.