Capabilities: Engineering

Caterpillar D7R Ballistic Protection Package
Caterpillar D7R Ballistic Protection Package

From project inception, Demmer Corporation is an active collaborator. The company’s engineers consult on initial design and engineering and perform manufacturing analysis of existing designs. Demmer also works closely with industry-leading design partners who have established their excellent reputation in the engineering community by responding to both short-fused and long-term projects.

Demmer places an emphasis on model-based design and real-world experience. The majority of the engineering staff is composed of mechanical engineers, journeyman machinists, and experienced tool and die designers who are able to look past the drafting table to understand the practical implications of their decisions.

Network and transmission protocols are completely secure via a SFTP site and dedicated data manager. Equipment and processes are constantly upgraded to ensure the highest quality product. The overall goal of Demmer Corporation is to provide seamless engineering support to function as a trusted arm of your organization.

Together with its design partners, Demmer Corporation maintains a fully integrated UNIX and PC-based network with over 400 workstations. CAD/CAM workstations are equipped with Unigraphics, CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and other design discipline software systems. CNC programming operations are performed in WorkNC, CATIA, and Unigraphics systems. VERICUT simulation allows engineers to verify programming before it is ever loaded onto the machine, conserving materials, time, and money.

As a program enters production, Demmer’s engineering-intensive approach allows the company to break complex projects down into specific processes, first maximizing and then continuing to monitor efficiency through the entire manufacturing cycle.