About: Operations

Through the modular cell-based structure of its facilities, Demmer Corporation has the skilled employees and operational agility to quickly configure a custom workflow with the capacity you require.

Demmer Corporation believes Program Management is the critical function that has allowed the company to grow exponentially and meet customer commitments; it’s the vital link between customer expectations and company resources.

Demmer’s experienced Program Managers become the single point of contact with the customer during a program, ensuring an accurate understanding of requirements and exchange of information. The Program Manager has overall responsibility for program success, conceptualizing the process, organizing the flow and identifying key resources and constraints. The Program Manager coordinates all critical elements of the program, launch teams, project management, quality, production control, supply chain management, and shipping – right down to invoicing and scheduling the internal and customer “lessons learned” meetings. Continuous improvement projects are active in all Demmer Corporation Facilities.

From concept to shipment, the operations of Demmer Corporation are structured to build value and drive program success.